What is a good design?

November 18, 20232 Minutes

I am sure we have all read a few definitions of good design; they all sound perfect and motivational, don’t they? Some of them are really good. But I wanted something practical, something that was easy to explain. And that is why I came up with some basic rules (not definitions) to make sure I was on the right path.

Not only to the different media where the adaptation and resizing must work but also to how they can evolve and adapt along the path.

With all these messages around us, no one wants to be similar to another (we see around 4–10,000 advertising messages per day if you live in a big city and rarely remember any). It is not necessary to discover something “new”; sometimes it is good enough that the message is recognized and is different from the competition.

Consistency is the key. A brand is not just a logo; it has defined elements that they must stay focused on. Using a logo as the only recognizable element will not get you far.

We are humans after all. It does not matter what the given aesthetic is, but it must be loved by your target group.

We can describe design by its parts—color, shape, form, typography—everything visual, or by the end result—a poster, a book, a website, a business card. But in fact the design is craft with emotions.