The Why

November 17, 20233 Minutes

A simple, everlasting truth: people don’t buy what you are doing; they buy why you are doing it—Simon Sinek. 

The hardest question we ask ourselves is, Why? Why are we doing something? Why are we building this brand? It is much easier to figure out what we are going to do and how we will do it than to figure out why we are doing this. The why is probably the best value proposition (the destination) you will ever need. It has everything you will ever need there; it will guide you, push you, and motivate you when things are hard. And it will get hard, trust me.

We never build brands for everyone to like. That is impossible unless you are doing a pizza brand :). But for real, if the target group is well-defined, finding the distinction for the product or service design we are building will be easier.

Ask yourself:

How to be unique?
You don’t need to change the world (we do hope you can), but you do need to be different (why are all the cars different? Why is there not just one?). People need to know this, people need to feel this, and people need trust.

What are you best at?
Can you do it better than everyone else? Do you know how? Focus the brand around what you can do and what you believe in, including your ethics and view of the world.

Do you know your competition?
At all times, you need to know what the world around you is up to. Study it; don’t ignore it. Go over every case study and figure out why you are better.

Can it be personal?
Include your personality in the brand. Your values, your views—at the end of the day, you will be in the front—users, you will be the constant voice of the brand.

What is the story?
When you go through all of this, there should be a clear story about your brand and why you are doing this in the first place. A story never changes; it can adapt a little, but it always comes from your history, which leads to the future.

Things worth considering: have a good reason why you believe in something; values drive exceptional brands tirelessly; the design is the quiet ambassador of your brand.