Team 2 team

November 2, 20232 Minutes

Business design is shifting from human 2 human to team 2 team; this is becoming more and more important; team spirit produces more results than any individual effort. B2B<H2H<T2T.

As you know, the good old b2b is becoming a really old expression and was replaced with human 2 human in the past few years, and that was a beautiful change. But the reality is that we are all working as teams.

We (the client team + our team) will create something great, which is a good mantra to start anything. Using the plural to describe a team is an important shift in communication and is closer to how we do things—embracing the T2T. We all have teams, even small ones, even if not all of them sit in the same room—it is a team, and everything is a team effort. One person can’t know it all, and we can’t do it all on our own.

Even the results of team effort are much greater than anything else (check every team sport out there, check their spirit, check how they celebrate, how they help each other, admire how they lose, and get up again).

Discussing all aspects with the client is a team-binding relationship with a really good learning curve. Listening to each other is the correct spirit because individual approaches only build the ego we don’t want. Pushing something without all the aspects a discussion can give you leads to poor decisions.

But there is a catch. The team cannot work only on online meetings; you must have focused live meetings with the whole team. I know it is impossible to improve things over calls, chat, Zoom, etc. We all need to be there, we need to feel the people we work with, and we all need to be focused.