January 2, 20241 Minutes

Redesigning is one of the hardest design jobs you can think of. Incorporating the legacy of the existing brand is a demanding job where only years of experience can help you solve it.

Even strategically, this is hard for both sides. We all quickly see where the problem is, but choosing the right path is hard, and we can’t do this again. All brands should be built to last; the aim is long-term, and the wish is forever. It sounds like an impossible mission, but this is what a good decision does.

The reasons why we need a redesign are:
– an old brand that is hard to adapt to new media
– new product direction
– new company vision
– shift in the audience, new markets
– old marketing
– the competition is way ahead

Most of the time, they are not all above; in this case, we are considering a brand refresh rather than redesigning it. We can decide together, and if it helps, ask yourself these questions and compare them to where you stand now:

– Vision: what do you want to create?
– Purpose: why do you want to create?
– Values: Who are you?
– Mission: how can you create the future?