We have redesigned the largest furniture manufacturer in Croatia, which has more than 150 years of legacy. Besides their renowned manufacturing capabilities, they maintain a special relationship with their forests, where one of the world’s best oak trees grows.

The beauty of a simple circle logo lies in its timelessness and ability to convey a brand’s legacy and history. In the case of Tvin, the circle serves as an everlasting solution that is closely tied to the brand’s new story. It is a simple yet powerful symbol that will continue to resonate with audiences for years to come.

Slavonian oak is a special and world-famous tree, and luckily for us, it grows everywhere around us. And it will continue to grow because we are constantly planting new trees.

Without wood, every space is a bit cold, even incomplete. And today’s research confirms what we have always felt: the presence of wood in a space has a psychological effect on people — creating a feeling of warmth, comfort and connection with nature. That’s why we work to bring a piece of nature into every space (vision), shaping it according to human standards (mission).

For 150 years, they have been turning imagination into furniture. Twin is love for nature, multi-generational mastery of woodworking, and innovative design. We researched the old legacy for the inspiration of the redesign.

The branding covers everything from simple layouts to more complex minimal outputs.

We are constanly gathering ideas and one of our favorites is implementation of tracking from the final product back to the tree location. In this manner users will see how Tvin takes care of its natural beautiful forests.

The web follows the design direction and being minimal and honest towards the nature, their service and the people who work there.