Marmor Hotavlje
Because of their knowledge, dedication, and teamwork, they are one of the leading stone cutting companies in the world. They are always working on several global projects using their knowledge, experience, and technology. They are extremely proud of our history and heritage. At the heart of Marmor Hotavlje Group there are their own quarries in Hotavlje of which they are especially proud. This quarrie is where they cut our own trademark stone blocks. Since 1721 and through the generations they continue to seek the hidden beauty in the stone. They endlessly explore and pursue perfection in this unique natural material. Their extensive knowledge ranges from the most traditional stone cutting techniques to the most up to date modern techniques. Their history, knowledge,  and experience have made us one of the leading stone cutting companies in the world.

Their people are what makes them different, they are at the core of everything they do. They have a close relationship with the stone and with their experience, they can master even the most challenging and complicated stone cutting projects. Using the knowledge handed down from generation to generation combined with the most up to date techniques they are truly masters of our craft.