With some of our favorite people ripping our products during the long testing phase, we have the enjoyment of watching the future of diving gear as one of the most rewarding things we have ever experienced. These are some of the best days of our lives. We seek the future. We explore worlds best materials to engineer them to the highest most durable level. Our products are carefully crafted from composite glass fiber, carbon and other materials we tailored to our needs. We build everything with our hands and manufacture them locally with highest ethical standards towards sustainable and long-lasting products. The design has been tested and tuned to push our limits to a new level with all the safety the gear can offer. Kraken is inspired and endearing representation of the free diving and spearfishing experience, where all participants are worthy and welcomed – to learn, play and grow together – in inclusive, sacred playgrounds beneath our oceans. Testing and tuning our equipment in one of the most beautiful, underworld rich environments on earth is a dream come true. We are the lucky ones. We are divers and spearfishing professionals who have dedicated our lives to manufacture and improve our equipment for the past 10 years. The purpose of our work is to produce and promote the underwater sport to the highest sustainable level. To embrace our vision to protect and save our oceans.

The Kraken (/krkn/)[1] is a legendary sea monster of giant size that is said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Greenland. “Now I will tell you that there are two sea-monsters. One is called the hafgufa [sea-mist[a]], another lyngbakr [heather- back[a]]. It [the lyngbakr] is the largest whale in the world, but the hafgufa is the hugest monster in the sea. It is the nature of this creature to swallow men and ships, and even whales and everything else within reach.” Örvar-Oddr