Kocbek approached us with an extraordinary problem. How to push his renowned pumpkin seed oil to a high end and demanding costumers?

His family has been producing pumpkin seed oil for over 80 years, when his grandfather, Anton Kocbek, started producing pumpkin seed oil in 1929. From generation to generation the knowledge was passed on and hand made production itself has not changed at all, with all the respect towards the tradition.

Out of the 825 sorts of pumpkins known in the world, there is only one appropriate to make an oil out of its seeds. Her name is Cucurbita pepo var. styriaca and it grows best in the area where the Kocbeks family still lives. They only use pumpkin seeds that are carefully selected from local farmers. They are grown on the fields from April to September to become a liquid gift of nature, full of minerals and vitamins. They ripen in beautiful nature, blessed with rich soil, fresh air, and pure water.

This is their story. Their history and generations of knowledge of traditionally produced pumpkin seed oil had to be included in the final product. We knew that the legacy and the craft of their ancestors must be respected in all elements of the design and production. We knew the oil itself gained high recognition from world tops chefs such as Ana Roš from Hiša Franko (best female chef of 2017), Jane Bratovž, owner of JP (one of top 100 restaurants in the world) Soon we discovered an old stamp used by Anton Koncbek to certify his first-made pumpkin seed oil. Since the first sketch, the design of the bottle is a clear and modern mimic of the wooden part of the stamp. The old sigh AK is imitated on the bottle which is made in Steklarna Hrastnik – like an amazing piece of art made with a rare craft of hand-blowing glass. The glass contains 0% of metal ingredients, a feat that only glassmaking engineers of the world-renowned Hrastnik knows how to do since 1860. Bottles are stored in a wooden box, recycled out of 100 years old oak tree. To emphasize the tradition of its content. Together with the small book of old family photos a history notes, made in the local 100 years letterpress print house, it makes an impressive and unforgettable package. With all the respect of the legacy, we have designed a bottle of

“Green gold” made with world-class knowledge, production, and local natural materials. When you see and touch the bottle you can recognize the afford and love Kocbek family is putting into its products for the past 80 years. As our creative/art director Gregor Žakelj would say “High end is not about “golden” products. What we have made is something much greater. Recognition and respect of the tradition Slovenia have always had in one product.”