Alojz Kocbek, the Grandfather, started everything way back in 1929. It all started with a mill and the production of oil. Little did he know that what he started would grow into a family business that is recognized worldwide as a supplier of products of the highest quality.

We are a company built on tradition because Grandfather Alojz started the right way and we continue those traditions which enables us to produce the best products we can. We still use the mill as we did in 1929 and still process oil in the same way as we did then and we will keep it this way forever. Knowledge Alojz Kocbek’s knowledge has been handed down and nurtured through the generations and today his grandson Gorazd Kocbek is in charge. Gorazd has great respect and appreciation for this knowledge and continues to develop the KOCBEK brand as a forward-looking company with a connection to the past.

We are passionate about what we do and our aim is simple. Whether it is pumpkin seed oil or chocolate we want to produce the best products that we can. You can taste this passion in all our products. We want our passion to become your passion. It is our tradition, knowledge, and passion which means you will find our products all over the world. From home kitchens and Michelin starred restaurants to the worlds highest restaurant, At.Mosphere, on the 122nd Floor of the Burj Kalifa building in Dubai.