Generative AI and Law
Generative Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI) raises deep, challenging, and novel legal and societal questions. Main ethical dilemmas that these powerful and advanced technological tools pose for humanity, individuals, states, and various organizations. Lectures and panel discussions will focus on legal challenges in the areas of criminal law, human rights, personal data, and copyright. This series of events is organized by Odipi, Faculty of Law UL, and The Faculty of Computer and Information Science UL.

When we searched for a suitable bitmap font we discovered the Redaction typography: “The inspiration came from the typographic degradation of legal documents. As files were faxed, photocopied, and otherwise reproduced, the letterforms became bitmapped, bloated, warped, and were sometimes reduced to near-illegible forms”. This is exactly how we see where the generative AI could lead us…

We approached the main ethical dilemma of how everything can be generated with pixels –  a form of the first digital art created by placing individual pixels to form an image (remember the old days). Generative AI, on the other hand, refers to artificial intelligence systems that can autonomously generate content and images.

How we will tackle this is a big issue. I am glad this conference is the start of connecting law to computer science. The question is, will it stay as a tool or will it step all over us completely?