Impeccable natural skincare products, without the addition of synthetic emulsifiers or preservatives, containing local Carniolan honeybee products and traditionally grown herbs. Home skin care made from natural delicacies. Handmade by Vaja and Jure Reiner who in fact do have 4 kids (where the name comes from) with skin problems. The design is simple and minimal. It has the feel of homemade and natural with a modern esthetic. It is hand printed with an old letterpress technique so users feel the aesthetics and the quality of the products in the cardboard.

To do good, just like nature does … with its help, we have prepared in our kitchen an ointment and soaps for our four children, who all have extremely sensitive skin. The response of their skin was excellent and we learned that many children and adults have very similar problems. That is why we decided to offer our natural products to you as well. Because they have a beneficial effect on children and on adults.

We were constantly having problems with our children’s skin. It was our pediatrician who first encouraged us to start making natural cosmetics. We rolled up our sleeves, thoroughly examined the processes and ingredients and improvised making the ointment and hard soaps to help our children. We chose exclusively natural ingredients and natural ways of acquiring them.

Yes, we had some sleepless nights, but we managed to create our first products. When we noticed the beneficial effects they had for our children, it seemed as if we had discovered a miracle of nature. It worked, it worked! We talked about our “discovery” with our friends and simultaneously discovered that many children and adults had sensitive skin. As we both combine knowledge of economics and chemistry, the idea of developing a skin care brand from family-produced cosmetics organically emerged. Our children are the reason why we can offer you 4 kids and us products today. What is good for our kids, is good for us too. ” Vanja and Jure Rainer