November 5, 20231 Minutes

Want to invite us for a pitch? Why don’t you rather invite me for a coffee? See, it is supposed to be a love-love relationship, not love-hate to begin with.

It seems easiest for some clients to get ideas and not pay for them (or give small compensation for the trouble). But here is the thing: who can create something good without a serious discussion? It is like buying a lottery ticket. Meaning that a particular client will receive and select something where he is not even involved in the process.

Pitch is a bitch from the advertising world.

Even for advertising, this must be a bad start (even if they are used to it), but in the design world, the lottery aspect will stick with you for years to come. Are you sure this is a good way to do something new?

Let’s rather have a coffee or two. We will discuss the project, and we will get excited. It can become a great love story.