Portfolio Pattern

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vbg is a graphics design studio with a strong focus on building brands, concepts, and visual identities. We love smart ideas, big challenges, and ambitious individuals who know why good design is for good clients.

Street exhibition

6 posters is a series of street photos, an exhibition in the middle of Ljubljana streets by Ursa Culiberg. A set of powerful photos, a meaningful play of light and dark, positive and negative, beautiful and immortal.


Caring for people, animals and those who are involved in their management and care is our main go-to-strategy.

Dimension Two

Inspired by our beautiful backyard where our path runs on the sunny side of the Alps, passing the deep valleys, breathing in the urban madness, and ending up in the low lying coastal trails.


Caring for people, animals and those who are involved in their management and care is our main go-to-strategy. An unconditional company for unconditional companions is a lifestyle, not just a statement.

Ciril Jazbec

Is an extremely talented National Geographic photographer and a Les Rencontres d’Arles portfolio winner. He traveled the world to Greenland to capture the life who face climate change…

Kocbek – The Green Gold

Kocbek - it all started in 1929 and from there you can find their pumpkin seed oil from Dubai to Moskow, Singapore, and Tokyo. 


4kidandus - a beautiful story is hidden behind this 100% natural cosmetics and it can be sensed in every product.

Ekonomija v antropocenu

This is a book about our future. There are no more endless opportunities - we must change our view towards economics and growth.


Barje. An oasis of nature, so free, that it does not fall preoccupied with the will of man. At the same time, it is so delicate that it is necessary to step softly, on the fingers, with a serene feeling in every step. The Barje is a space of mystery, from which there are stories that can not be…

— In the past 20 + years we learned to believe in craft, local products, fun, love to work, and take time to do it right. We strive for that moment when we realize it can be done. If you have an interesting project — big or small — we’d love to see what we can build together.