I’ve seen inspiration exploding to space

November 9, 20232 Minutes

Isn’t it funny when you scroll to the end of the internet, go through all your old books, open a few old files, do walks around the city, around your favorite wood trail, and even go to the bookstore a few times to get that little inspiration that would help you do a project?

You are so close, but you just can’t get it right. Inspiration is never just around the corner. It hits you when you least expect it. There is no way to know when and how; you only need time to go on those walks over and over again. The above things are what I do when I’m stuck. In the end, the walks and the books helped the most, but I have no idea how many miles I have to walk to get there. Out of all the magic tools out there, I still use pencil and paper, and when that is not arround the notes help.

That is why these things take time. It is only 2 in the morning, and my head is spinning with ideas trying to figure out what to do. I know I will not sleep for a while. I know I will not find a solution, but my head will spin in circles nonetheless. It’s always the same when I am working on something exciting; at least this is how I know it is worth it.