Good design is for good clients 

December 4, 20221 Minutes

We have had this signature for a long time. And it is still valid. Perhaps the only thing that changed since then is that we have changed the client’s term to friends.

It is a bit provocative to debate who is a good client. This is one hard definition, isn’t it?

We could say that good clients understand the importance of design and recognize its value in creating a successful product or service.

A definition from a dreadfully boring book where we are still looking for those who appreciate the impact of the design. We don’t expect everyone to understand, and that’s okay. Appreciation and understanding are things we work on and educate those who step in. A long discussion or a workshop usually helps to get everyone involved on the same track.

But more importantly, it all comes down to loyalty, trust, and understanding. Those big words must be mutual, and we need to build that relationship with them. Sometimes, for introverts like myself, this is harder than making the right decision with the design concept and direction. All creatives have the same issue; we just want to work. The only way I can get over that is if we manage to define the relationship as a friendship—they are there to help, encourage, and support you.