April 8, 20191 Minutes

If you are the only one who is excited, you are probably working for the damn wrong people!

I admit. In the past ten years, the whole nature of my work has changed from an agency design studio to a branding design studio. It was not easy. Shifting the perspective changed the nature of my work and the process behind it, but I feel this is where I can help the most. Helping smaller clients build their brands with strong visual language is something I love to explore. My role as a design director for agile new brands (still avoiding startups) is living proof of how important it is to kick off a brand with a strong visual language.

They have a story, they are excited, they are thankful, they are hard-working individuals, they care, they work more than I do, and they have a future. They get me excited to the point where I don’t sleep.

It is a roller coaster, but that’s what I am here for. Because of that, it helps to follow some simple rules in the studio. They work and it took me years to master them 😉

Never kill a client.

Never get drunk with a client.

Take everything personally.

Get shit done.

Get excited.