Everything beautiful is analog

November 7, 20231 Minutes

We can’t avoid digital; it is everywhere, and not all is bad, of course, but we are focused on it way too much, staring at our phones, for instance. Just think that everything beautiful that has ever happened to you was analog.

If we ignore the romantic aspect of that claim for a second (it is a beauty, isn’t it), trust me, holding a product is way better than holding a phone.  The whole process of creating a real product involves working with your hands and meeting different craftsmen (those awesome people), learning and understanding their craft, understanding limits, adapting, changing, and finally holding it in your hands, remembering how impossible it felt when you started to create one.

Even now, we are trying to get over the phone addiction and shift back to the reality we ran away from on the phone. Realizing that this claim holds more truth than I thought.