We are situated in one of the most beautiful places in the world called Slovenia. A country where we have the most beautiful river in the world called Soča, the oldest grapes, where we invented the wheel, with Mordor caves and baby dragons, and with a statue of a poet in the middle of our capital city. There is something special about his place and so are the brands we work for.

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Studio adress:
Visualbraingravity / VBG / Rekreator / Gregor Zakelj
Pod hribom 55, stavba VI, pisarna 18
1000 Ljubljana

Let’s work.
For new business inquiries, please email a detailed brief with an expected budget of your project to info@vbg.si. Please do understand we love to work, but we do not do pitches of any kind. We believe working with clients is the only road to success.

We are currently not accepting internship from abroad or from Slovenia. Hoping we will be able to do this again someday. We want to dedicate ourself and transfer knowledge to the young generation, but that takes the time we currently do not have.

We are a small studio, so we do not hire often, but we are always looking for talented people to help us with our projects. Please send us your website to info@vbg.si.