Our primary focus is on creating and developing strong brands, packaging, web, and visual identities. We are passionate about tackling challenging projects, developing smart ideas, and working with clients who recognize the significance of good design. Throughout our 20+ years of experience, we have learned to value the importance of skillful craftsmanship, appreciate local products, enjoy our work, and take the time to get things done right. Our ultimate goal is to experience a sense of accomplishment when we achieve our objectives. Whether you have a small or large project, we would love to see how we can do something fascinating together.

gregor zakelj

The studio was founded in 2004 by Gregor Žakelj. Since then, we have built brands and worked on a range of creative services, but most importantly, we do that with the client, not for the client. All the work you see was created with that note in mind. It can be the identity of your brand that we love to create, a website presence, an app, a unique package design, a deviation from advertising, or something we will discover together. We have received numerous global and local awards and recognitions (around 80) for our work (Red Dot, European Design Award, Golden Drum, SOF, Brumen, Volvo Design Award, ISPO Award, ADCE, etc.), but lately, we have focused more on giving lectures than gathering awards. We feel sharing knowledge is more important than awarding dust. We are always up to something new, something exciting, something that gives us goosebumps while working on it…

We are situated in one of the most beautiful places in the world, called Slovenia. A country where we have the most beautiful river in the world called Soča, the oldest grapes, where we invented the wheel, with Mordor caves and baby dragons, and with a statue of a poet in the middle of our capital city. There is something special about his place, and so are the brands we work for. In case you are wondering why the red color? Well, we are behind the red door in Ljubljana.

Just remember: we are a design studio, not an agency; we create our work, not resell it. And we love to work. We strive for that moment when we realize what we can create and have fun while at it.

Art Direction

Graphic Design


We believe in sharing knowledge. There is something universal about it, and we love to talk about our work. Well, all who love what they do talk about it a lot. Here are some of the lectures we have been invited to:

Barcelona – ADCE

Tromsø – Design in music

Zagreb – Design disruptors

Varazdin – MOP

Sevnica – TEDx

visual brain gravity – virgin but great – very beautiful giant – very busy guys – very big grin – vertically bold group – virtually blurred glory – versatile bohemian graphics – vibrant barbaric gift – vivid balancing groove – valuable basic genius -visions by grid