By now sustainability has become an annoying buzzword even big brands started to abuse it in their advertising. Nothing new – advertising and corporate communication will always pick up buzz words for their claims – just remember eco back in 2005.

This is the reason we need a new and even more clear direction that will be hard to fake into simple claims. Sustainability will always be:
– about the impact on society,
– the local economy,
– and the environment.

I do believe sustainable brands will be the only way to go as soon as people will truly understand the impact of non-local brands. The worst thing we are currently doing is still transferring goods. This is a real problem. Avoiding local resources and production got us into this in the first place. Coming up with buzz words like eco, recyclable, sustainable, etc does not help it just makes us feel better. Just remember how they all talk about how eco-friendly biodegradable recyclable – insert a word – plastic is ok – it took us 10 years to understand that NONE of the plastic is ok. NONE. In the past 50 years, the industry moved from earth-friendly resources to environmental impact ones just because plastics are user-friendly.

Yes, user-friendly. We are the plastic-wrapped generation who is constantly believing we have no time. So we need to use a user-friendly solution to help us save time. True it is good in some areas but in others, it has a horrible effect on our environment. Just because it is easier to use it does not mean we should.
Well to hell with us users! Let try something we used to do good earth-friendly. Brands, therefore, will become sustainable but with a new definition: Sustainable brand is a healthy brand. Healthy towards users, healthy towards the environment, healthy towards the production. And just like your health needs afford so does an earth-healthy living.

So, let’s build healthy brands.

Ps: if you did not understand I suggest you watch Walle with your kids again.