I talked about how I started, about my feat, how things will never be easy for me…

I must say TEDx is a different lecture that I am used to. The whole procedure before the lecture was a bit strange to me. For a introverted person like me, the only way to lecture is to be over-prepared on the day of the lecture — not before 🙂 Mostly due to my super bussy time frames it was even harder, but the Sevnica team was super understanding and we managed to pull it of.

Fear is one of my topic I need to talk about. Ever since I jumped into unknown, called design almost 20 years ago, it has always been there. A natural feeling I learned how to bend and took advantage of it. It is still there, I don’t want it to go away since it has become my inner fuel, my guidance that I am jumping into something unknown that will work out great if I push myself and people involved trough that brick wall.

It took me a really long time understand what was going on – well i was afraid. And I still have issues about it and it is still hard, but worthwhile. Same as it took a decade to understand what my grandfather and father told me every time we saw each other:

Do good and be nice! — Everything is in your head.

What ever we were at one point. We can change and do something about it. 20 years ago I had no idea what to do with my life. I was lost until life kicked my a few times — hard. That hard that even I understood what it wants from me…

One thing is certain. Life will still kick me, I will still be afraid, but I will still do what I do in this beautiful place called Slovenia.