“If you are the only one who is excited, you are probably working for some damn wrong people!”

Some things take time, don’t they? Not really sure why, but it took me about two years to update my portfolio (happy scrolling). I think It was really important to finish some long term projects, so i just took time, and I can now finally show what have I been up to.

I admit. In the past few year the whole nature of my work changed from an agency-design studio to a branding design studio. I was not easy. Shifting the perspective changed the nature of my work and the process behind it, but I feel this is where I am the strongest. Helping clients build their brand with a strong visual language is something I really enjoy doing. My small but important role as an advisor (still learning how to be that) to agile new brands (still avoiding startups) is a living proof, how important it is to kick off a brand with a strong visual.

They have a story, they are excited, they are thankful, they are hard working individuals, they care, they work more than I do and they have a future if we are able to put this into a visual language.

It is a roller coaster but that’s what I am here for. Most of the time it helps to follow some simple rules in the studio. They work and it took me years to master them 😉

  1. Never kill a client.
  2. Never get drunk with a client.
  3. Take everything personally.
  4. Get shit done.
  5.  Good design is for good clients.