12 Proverbs

November 18, 20237 Minutes

Funny how old wisdom always rings true. Proverbs are sacred; just think how long it took them to be still valid. Even if we choose to violate them, we painfully feel their meaning on our skin.

Breaking the rules is very welcome in our world, but if you are born with the surname Žakelj, it is best to break them as little as possible; otherwise, you will hear proverbs about yourself from others. It took me a while to realize this, but then I internalized the Twelve Commandments:

Selling a cat in a cage.

There is a constant need to make surpluses. If the project doesn’t surpass the previous one, I’m extremely disappointed. I really can’t sell a cat in a cage, although I see that it is an established practice many times, but fortunately it is not part of me.

He defends himself like a cat in a cage.

I believe in what I do, so I’m willing to kick and scratch, even if it means losing a battle. I take work completely personally – if I do something, it becomes and remains a part of me. Joy, disappointment, anger, frustration and excitement are a big part of my workday and the only definition of professionalism.

When the stinger is full, it is untied.

I have a lot of trouble because I’m never completely satisfied. I always notice some detail that I could improve, or the final execution, where I could work with a better printer, choose a better paper, even if I can’t influence it. Every time I break up, it’s over. We live in a world where you’re only as good as your last project.

An empty jar does not stand upright.

Working without pay is the hardest thing. It’s especially hard to work for someone who owes you money and still sends orders that I can’t turn down for various reasons. Get away from them. Even if you consider it to be a higher goal, you will spend just as much time as you would on paid work. Probably even more, because the reason why you decide on a project is always the end result, which should be even better. Here, I adhere to the principle that the mission of designers is to do projects for free only when they have a high social mission or are of a cultural nature. These projects deserve a better and more visible solution that they cannot otherwise afford. Well-designed projects thus reach a larger audience.

To hold a stinger.

I enjoy the teamwork of our small team of 3.5 people. Somehow we all manage to develop our own skills and projects and at the same time be guilty and responsible for everything that arises. We respect each other, have an open dialogue and help each other.

The one who holds the dagger is just as guilty as the one who fills it.

The client is always part of the work team. I always have problems with various “bitches” and similar arrangements, which only tell me that the potential client does not want to be part of the team. For him, ideas grow on trees, which means that he can take exactly the one he likes best. Of course, only then does he realize how sour this idea is. If I wanted a good solution, I would choose someone based on references to work with on a common idea. After all, if you don’t have a genuine contact with the client, there is a high probability that everything will go wrong.

To sting someone.

Wins are sweet, no doubt about it. They are even sweeter when you can celebrate them. When we have fun while working, we know that we are on the right track, and the best thing is to realize at the end of the day that we have only improved our starting points.

There is no one else to lend like an old jackal.

It is easiest to learn something new when you are also developing your brands. The knowledge and persistence you gain in this way cannot be compared to anything else. Every design studio should develop its products and spread fresh knowledge to clients.

To take from the common jar.

Not everything is self-evident and far from easy. It is necessary to believe that only the hard-working and hard-working will win, not those who sell the work of others.

When the jar was empty, they went their separate ways.

Things don’t always go according to plan, life just isn’t like that. From time to time you become aware of different visions that not everyone understands. Maybe that’s why you have an advantage over others and push your head through the wall. Although you want the best, you realize that the client’s ears are still deaf for now. That’s when it’s best to close the door, because that’s the only way another one will open.

A bottomless pit.

I don’t know why, but I’ve never had a hard time coming up with ideas. I always adhere to the principle that an idea should be used as soon as possible, otherwise it quickly becomes obsolete or is implemented by someone else.

Be in the same category.

We all come from an amazing land, full of people with incredible success stories in all fields, from sports to business. This fact is constantly challenged by some, so it is necessary to start being aware of it. If we support good things and recommend each other, we will improve this common pain of ours the fastest.