Situated in the heart of Ljubljana, we are a dedicated design studio where we know that good design is for good clients. We have been creating for more than 20 years together with our client's friends, not just for them. There are 112 projects with 3,109 crafted images and 83,552 carefully chosen words in the portfolio.

A 31 short, one-minute essays about design and things relevant to our design studio. Some thoughts and things we learned while working on our design projects. The idea is to improve and constantly update them so they will mature with age.

Side projects

Our work is not easy. You need to stay excited all the time, and that is impossible. You need to find something that drives you—things that blow out some steam.

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Black and white

The combination is so basic that I don't consider it a color. It is more of a structural element or a form.

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We desperately need them, but sometimes we must break them. 

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Redesigning is one of the hardest design jobs you can think of. Incorporating the legacy of the existing brand is a demanding job where only years of experience can help you solve it.

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What is a good design

I am sure we have all read a few definitions of good design; they all sound perfect and motivational, don't they? Some of them are really good.

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Is it sexy?

The design is more than beauty; this is what I use when I describe good branding that is easier to understand and has everything I want to say in it.

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The Why

People don't buy what you are doing; they buy why you are doing it

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Love your process above all. Embrace the path you have to walk; listen to the craftspeople you meet along the way; and make the changes to improve the solution.

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Passion is great, but please don't link it with your work. Please don't say you are passionate about design; you should be passionate about life, not your work.

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One part of our journey is finished work; the other part is the life and process behind it. We enjoy working with people who love to create as much as we do. You can always reach out to us ⸻ at ⸻ to discuss branding, logo, web design, package design, or some other interesting projects you have in mind.